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01 May 2018

Awakening Show

The Awakening Show is an orchestration of the String Pulse Experience, blending a wide variety ot musical styles including classical, pop, reggae, Irish folk, gypsy violin and rock. It is scored for a full orchestra, band, children’s choir and soloists, giving young people the life-changing opportunity of collaborating with top professional musi­cian mentors and performing with them on a world class stage.

30 Apr 2018

String Pulse Experience

The String Pulse Experience gives children the opportunity to perform music ana dance on a world class stage with Daisy Jopling and her band of world class musicians, giving them life skills empowerment, self-esteem and confidence, and new hopes and dreams.

02 Nov 2017

Music Magic: The String Pulse Experience Documentary

Music Magic: The String Pulse Experience Documentary We are so thrilled that Diana C Frank’s wonderful documentary “Music Magic: The String Pulse Experience” has finally aired on Mountain Lake PBS! April 21st 9pm, April 22nd 2am, and April 29th 6pm 2017. Thank you Diana for your extraordinary genius in filming and editing this film. Please check out Diana’s website: www.dianacfrank.com   Mountain Lake PBS to Premiere Documentary  Featuring Local School Children Two years in the making, countless hours of filming, […]

02 Nov 2017

The Benefits Of Music & Dance Education

The Benefits Of Music & Dance Education It is probably not news to most of those who are reading this that music and dance education is incredibly important to overall knowledge acquisition. On this page, we will seek to provide information and resource links that may help support your efforts at the school and district level to add, maintain, or increase the presence of music and dance education where you live. Articles and Videos: Music Lessons Enhance Brain Function In […]