What People Say


These are testimonials from the 2015 String Pulse Experience - Adirondacks, the 2014 String Pulse Experience - Peekskill, and other Daisy Jopling Band concerts at the Paramount Hudson Valley Theatre, Peekskill, NY.

Dear Daisy Jopling - goddess priest of music,
I have never felt or seen a glow of musical light and sound from the Peekskill Paramount more than last night. It was inspirational! So beautiful to see all your performers on stage that had such a deep love of their art. You indeed took all of us in the theatre on your soaring mystical journey. Your message of creativity, adventure, passion and beauty transported by your violin has created a bond with the Peekskill Paramount Theatre and us, which defines you as our own gypsy minstrel. In addition to being a wonderful and major talented musician you're a superb story teller! Wow! To tell and teach the story of music is sacred as in God's work. You are blessed.
I will always remember your Peekskill Paramount Celebration for artists and music lovers.
Oh, you and your band blew me away with the Tango. Magnificent! Thank you.
God bless the violinist and messenger you are.

Frank Billingsley , Musician
(Cold Spring, NY)

As producer of The Daisy Jopling Experience at Paramount Hudson Valley 2014, I discovered a flow of musical energy untouched by other musicians in the local realm. Daisy has a love for children, music, people, and the total respect for music as an art. She shares this vibrancy through her musical compositions and performance art and through the way she shares and collaborates with her fellow performers and the community. The Cortlandt School of Performing Arts was honored to lead the way in providing 250 children and to coordinate "The Experience" for the community's enjoyment of our joint vision. What a delightful experience for all involved.

Carol Arrucci, Owner of The Cortlandt School of Performing Arts
Croton on Hudson, NY

Dear Daisy,
You are a string angel! I sat in the Paramount with tears in my eyes listening to your amazing music and incredible violin playing! You brought a community together with a goal that touches me in my soul.
Your love and passion for bringing music into the lives of our children is too wonderful for words.
I feel so blessed to have met you and I cannot wait to meet you again on this journey to bring strings into the lives of our young.

Susan Feldman, Strings Teacher
Hendrick Hudson Elementary Schools, NY

My students had the time of their lives. They LOVED being able to perform with Daisy and a live band in a professional performance!​

This is what education is all about. Students were able to commit and work on a project from beginning to end and actually experience the end result. They were also able to see how such a program is put together and how much teamwork is involved!

Jennifer Dalton, Music Teacher
Saranac Lake Middle School, NY

Having our high school string orchestra students performing in the Daisy Jopling String PULSE Extravaganza was the best event I have ever had my students participate in. Daisy is a very special “super charged” artist that brings so much positive energy and encouragement to her school programs. Our string orchestra students kept that positive attitude with them through the end of the entire school year.

Daisy communicated so naturally with our high school students. She held them in her musical aura as she played her violin with great passion and pyrotechnics each time she came to our rehearsals. Her original music instantly related to the students favorite musical styles. Her encouragement and support allowed every student to feel as if they were the stars of the show.

We hope to be able to continue our musical collaboration with Daisy in the near future. Daisy Jopling is one very special musician, and we will always look to be involved with her again in the near future.

Robert Schwartz, High Schools Orchestra Director
Lakeland Central School District, NY

Daisy!!! What can I say........you provided my students with a wonderful performing experience on Saturday Night. I know that those kids will never forget that experience for the rest of their lives! We spent an entire period talking about it today! ALL POSITIVE! My girls LOVE YOU!!! They loved the music you played !!! They loved the WAY you played. And most importantly they loved your OUTFITS!!!! :)

As for me, I felt honored to be a part of an event that highlighted the importance of arts in education! This is something I am so passionate about, as I know you are, and it means so much that you, as a successful performer, can recognize this and dedicate so much of your time and energy towards it!!! Saturday night's experience goes straight to the top of my list of amazing accomplishments as a teacher! It warmed my heart to see my girls swarm around you getting your autograph and pictures taken with you!! Thanks for doing that! It was so sweet! I am so proud of the girls and how beautifully and passionately and professionally they performed! They truly are ambassadors to the community and shine such a positive light on our school. So thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to be involved in such an amazing event! I will never forget it!

I truly meant what I said...I hope we can work together again someday in the future! Good luck with everything! You are an amazing woman!!


Erica Denler, Choral Teacher
Hendrick Hudson High School, NY