Volunteer Power


Without these wonderful people's invaluable time and effort, our extraordinary work over the last 10 years would not have been possible.

Susan Strauss and Diana Frank donated a good part of a year of their precious time to administrate and film our 6 month-long mentorship program in and around Lake Placid, culminating in our String Pulse Experience performance at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts in April 2015.


David Amram Internationally renowned multi-instrumentalist, composer ana conductor

Tristan Schulze, Internationally renowned Composer and Cellist Gerry Cruz, Singer

Emery Rodriguez, Singer

Joni Lanza, Singer

Diana C. Frank, Documentary Film Maker

Mina Griess, Lead Singer of Pop Group 4point0

Richard Kelley, Writer and Graphic Designer

Susan Obrant, Clothing Designer

Jane Wilson-Marquis, Clothing Designer

Katie Wietsma, Fashion Designer

Scarlett Antonia, Theater Director & owner of Antonia Arts Inc

Cindy Beer-Fouhy, Poet, Writer and Public Relations

William Powers, Public Relations

Diane Cricchio, Timeline Video

Thom Pernice, Videographer

David Majzlin, Film Composer

Jowan Gauthier, Photographer

Howard Copeland, Photographer

Lorraine Altamura, Hair and Make-up Artist

Mike Miner, MJM Television and Video Productions

Anne Savino, projection designs

"Yesterday, toward the end of the concert, as I was sitting in my seat listening to the young lady singing her song about how it is her time, I thought about what an incredible opportunity this was for her to sing a song that she wrote in Alice Tully Hall with these really fantastic musicians accompanying her, and I started reflecting on what this concert really was. I thought about the times in my life when I, as a young music student, was given great opportunities, and the encouraging comments of musicians who I admired, and how those events have stayed with me my whole life, and sometimes have been the motivation and incentive I needed to keep going when I have been discouraged as a musician."
Dr. Heather Martin Bixler, Violin Mentor


Rick Wietsma, Former COO Warner /Elektra/ Atlantic

Kayla Gluck, Educator and Philanthropist

Lois Lowenstein, Dancer and Philanthropist

Donna Mikkelsen, Educator

Jane Shahmanesh, Lawyer

Deb Sansone, Former Event Management, MAC

Deb Miloner' CEO of the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce

Deb Fay, Senior Specialist Government Affairs, Entergy Corporation

Debbie Franklin, Mom of Marcus Carl Franklin

Marie Green, Financial Advisor at Edward Jones

Ted Bitter, Owner & Manager at BeanRunner Cafe in Peekskill, NY

Jeffrey Veatch, Public Speaker and Founder of the Justin Veatch Fund



Jeffrey Stern, President of Peekskill Education Foundation

Kacey Morabito-Green, Radio Host

Don Bennett, Radio Host

Lisa J. Grey, Blue River Promotions

Alan Dillon, Lawyer

Ed Schmitt, Lawyer

Eugene Capicotto, Fireworks

Leo Mahaga, Senior Consultant, Deloitte


Brynn Alvord, Claudia Chieco, Gina Ferrera, Michelle Monachino, Samantha Rebimbas and Max Abraham.

Number of volunteer hours: 4,000
Given by the administrative, fundraising and artistic team of the DJ Foundation