Our Impact


Through the Daisy Jopling Music Mentorship Foundation, we enrich young lives through the power of music.

But ultimately, its not just musical mastery we are seeking.

Our impact goes far beyond the mentorship programs that we create in Westchester, NYC, and Lake Placid. It goes beyond the free instruction and workshops we host under the Ovation! music program. And it goes beyond the inspirational performances and workshops given by world-class musicians in schools and other community venues.

If fact, we believe that our kind of involvement in the lives of young people shows them a different way to view the world. A way that brings people together through the complex mastery of a common challenge. A way that demonstrates inclusivity, positivity. and respect. We seek to offer youth nothing less than an inspirational refuge in the tumultuous ups and downs of becoming an adult. We offer them friendship, leadership, instruction, and confidence, and they in turn amaze us every day, and remind us how powerfully we are all connected.


What do we do with Money Donated to the DJMMF?

One thing we don’t do is have a high overhead cost. Our administrative costs have been less than 1% per year over the last nine years. We have many wonderful volunteers, who allow us to put over 99% of our budget directly into our programs.

Since our founding in 2011, The Daisy Jopling Music Mentorship Foundation has contributed countless hours of professional instruction and run programs that have touched thousands and thousands of young musicians on their journey to become better musicians, and positive influences in their environments.

Your donations support the purchase of instruments for underserved youth.

With DJMMF, your money goes directly to the programs that make a difference!

For a better idea of what we do, and the transformative effect your donation can have on youth and their families, click here to see what people are saying

We sincerely hope you'll consider giving  any amount to support our work in your community. For more information on donating, see our DONATE PAGE.

"My students had the time of their lives. They LOVED being able to perform with Daisy and a live band in a professional performance!​
This is what education is all about. Students were able to commit and work on a project from beginning to end and actually experience the end result. They were also able to see how such a program is put together and how much teamwork is involved!"

-Jennifer Dalton, Music Teacher
Saranac Lake Middle School, NY