How to get involved


What is the Daisy Jopling Music Mentorship Foundation?

The Daisy Jopling Music Mentorship Foundation creates extraordinary musical experiences that enrich lives and empower youth to become more confident, creative and empathetic human beings.

This is accomplished through three core initiatives:

  • Mentorship by world class musicians for youth to study and perform with them on major stages
  • Removing barriers such as cost for youth to attend world class concerts
  • Supporting low cost and tuition free high quality music programs for children by donating funds

Daisy Jopling Music Mentorship Foundation Programs

Founded in March 2011, the Daisy Jopling Music Mentorship Foundation has been producing extraordinary musical experiences for over 6 years. Over 730 children from all backgrounds aged 3 to 22 years old have had the transformational, empowering experience of it’s mentorship programs, and over 6,300 children have had the benefit of attending one of it’s performances for free.

The Foundation’s latest program culminated in an unforgettable performance at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on August 27, 2017.

2018 Music Mentorship Programs

The three music mentorship programs of 2018 will mentor at least 180 participating students, give free inspirational concerts to over 3,000 students, impact directly over 2,000 audience members, and uplift an additional 5,000 people through online videos, reaching a total of 10,180 students, mentors and audience participants in 2018.

Our programs are not only life-changing experiences for our participating students, but also enhance the roles and connections of the music venues, local businesses and the whole community.

The extraordinary experience of working with our world class musician mentors on world class stages enriches youth to become more confident, agile and empowered lifelong learners.

This opportunity is especially important now, as it compensates for the increasing deficits in public schools that no longer offer music and arts.

The music the students perform is original, modern and accessible, and blends traditional orchestral music aesthetics with a wide array of contemporary musical styles spanning from playful gypsy sounds and introspective jazz moods to celebratory gospel grooves and well-established rock songs.

By becoming a sponsor of our programs, you will be changing the future of our planet in an infinitely positive and powerful way, and also sponsoring our new Peekskill free after school strings program.

Your donations support the purchase of instruments for underserved youth.

With DJF, your money goes directly to the programs that make a difference!