Global Music Academy Orchestra


The Global Music Academy Orchestra is an educational ensemble consisting of handpicked professional mentors who rehearse and perform alongside developing young students of the highest caliber from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, long Island, Westchester and Putnam Counties

The rehearsals take place over one to three months, and are a deeply transformative experience for the young students.
The Global Music Academy Orchestra performed at the Awakening Concert in 2016 at the Paramount Hudson Valley Theatre in NY, and at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in 2017.

"My student Max Pushkin became a much stronger player after the experience - his timing, sight reading, syncopated rhythms, and overall confidence improved. He and his family were overwhelmingly impressed with the Paramount Hudson Valley performance and he will be gratefully returning for our concert at Lincoln Center."

Bassoon Mentor, Janet Grice

Our Professional Mentors:

Piccolo/Flute - Donna Elaine Jobe

Oboe/English - Horn Bette Condon

Clarinet/Bass - John Lissauer

Basson - Janet Grice

French Horn - Steve Sherts

Trumpet  - Don Harris

Bass Trombone -  John Hahn

Percussion - Jon Berger

Harp  - Arielle Rodgers

Concert Master - Heather Bixler (2016)

Concert Master - Claire Smith-Bermingham (2017)

Violin - Anna Ostrofsky

Violin - Tomoko "Torno" Akaboshi

Violin - Hilary Castle


Violin - Siobhan Cronin

Violin - Carrie Dowell

Violin - Rachel Evans

Violin - Dilyana Zlatinova

Violin - Leonor Falcon

Violin - Elena Tisnovsky

Violin - Sarah Tusch

Viola - Brian Thompson

Viola - Denise Cridge

Viola - Naomi Graf

Cello - Patrice Jackson-Tilghman

Cello - Reenat Pinchas

Cello - Matt Goeke

Double Bass - Corey Schutzer

Double Bass - Brad Lovelace

Our Students:

Flute -  Jacob Mortensen

Oboe/English- Horn Ian Barthelmes

Clarinet- Max Abraham

Bassoon- Max Pushkin

French Horn - Justin Chiola

French Horn - Marcus Shaw

French Horn - Becky Gold

French Horn - Kate Zoeller

Trumpet - Marie Hull

Trombone - Peter Leo

Trombone - Justin Hahn

Percussion - Oliver Rauch

Percussion - Darius Marmorstein

Harp - Lauren Schrempp

Violin - Joshua Wang

Violin - Angelo Chery


Violin - Monica Spinelli

Violin - Gus Washburn

Violin - Katherine Evans

Violin - Melinda Lee

Violin - Jothi Ramaswamy

Violin - Njioma Grevious

Violin - Kathleen Kye

Viola - Josie Rose

Viola - Madeline Murphy

Viola - Stella Miller

Cello - Grace Dashnaw

Cello - Noah Goldmann

Cello - Maya Thompson

Cello - Lauren Fischer

Double Bass - Kevin Fink

Double Bass - Nils Krarup